Chapter 465

Harrison and Lauren got into the car, and before they left, Lauren instructed, "Hera, don't be too upset. The important thing is that the upgrade parts are safe. I've already contacted the suppliers to reconstruct the control room. "If everything goes smoothly, we can resume production within three days." Harrison nodded in agreement as well. "We've been slugging it out for the past two weeks. These next few days will give us a chance to rest." Hera gently nodded, replying, "I understand. Drive safely on your way." After Harrison and Lauren left, Nash and Hera returned to the villa. There was breakfast prepared by Maria on the table, but Hera had no appetite. Hera suddenly recalled that Nash had gone to the warehouse and five people were rescued from the fire. They were now in the hospital. "Nash, you're not injured, are you?" Nash smiled. "No, I'm not injured. Such a small fire can't harm me." He even opened his arms and spun around. Hera hugged Nash. A hint of vulnerability

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