Chapter 466

In her small apartment, Luna had already bathed and changed her younger siblings into fresh clothes. She could not help but admire the financial capabilities of wealthy people. Most people needed to go through a process when buying a house, but Olivia just provided her ID to immediately get a fully furnished home. What impressed her even more was that Olivia had genuinely thanked Nash. Now, she was curious about who this Nash was. "Luna, are you still going to school?" Olivia asked as she came over after being on a call. Luna shook her head. "Dad hadn't been home for the longest time, so I took a few days off to take care of my younger siblings." She then thought about how he had turned himself in and lowered her head, crying silently. Filled with compassion, Olivia ruffled Luna's hair. "Please don’t blame me for it. Your dad needs to be taught a lesson. If he keeps going on like this, he'll run into trouble sooner or later. It's not too late for him to undergo rehabilitation in p

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