Chapter 468

"Don't overthink it. I need to fill my time with meaningful things, and being the security manager in your company is just too idle of a job." "Then can't you just stay at the company and—" Nash covered Hera's mouth before she could finish her sentence. Not knowing where to rest her hands, Hera ended up pressing them against Nash's chest. Nash smiled wickedly. "Say another word and I'll have my way with you right now!" "Hmph, I won't talk to you anymore!" Hera turned away from Nash, but his hot body pressed against her back the next second. His strong and powerful hands reached around her from behind. His warm, masculine breath sprayed over her ear as he whispered, "Wifey, it's time to sleep. No more overthinking!" His deep and magnetic voice sent shivers down Hera's spine, making her feel weak all over. As Nash's hands moved upward, she quickly pressed down on them and said, "Alright, I'm not angry anymore. Let's go to sleep!" With a slight smile on his lips, Nash closed his

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