Chapter 469

No matter how one looked at it, he and Nico grew up together. Now was the time for him to step in and advise the old man. This was the first time Nico had been slapped by his grandfather, and he realized then that he had gone too far with his joke. None of them would have made it out of the King of Medicine's tomb without Nash. Nash was the head of the Tomb Whisperer Lineage, equivalent to their boss, while they were just employees. Despite that, he had fought the Undead Corpse King to protect them. Yet, Nico had ridiculed him for his lost family. With these thoughts in mind, Nico lowered his head and apologized, "Grandpa, I was wrong." Bradley slowly exhaled. Nico and Derek thought he was calming down, but little did they know that he was still shaken. He had almost used his inner energy just now. If he had not pulled back in time, Nico would have suffered at least a minor concussion. "You must remember this. Even the Ten Families get nervous when they hear the mention of the Y

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