Chapter 470

The Hamilt family of Jonesville was the city's largest antique dealer with family assets exceeding 100 billion. Yadris had learned about antiques from his grandfather since he was a kid. He had traveled around the world in the past 20 and more years, honing his extraordinary appraisal skills. He had been in the business for six years and had never made a mistake. However, the main source of the Hamilt family's wealth was not just from discovering and trading antiques. They also profited substantially from the treasures brought by tomb-raiding families. These treasures came in large quantities and at reasonable prices. The name 'Professor Bradley' was at the front of their list of clients. The man was about to retire soon, and his descendants were expected to inherit the business. Therefore, building a good relationship with Bradley's family was crucial. Nico grinned. "Sure thing, Yadris. Let's be good friends from now on!" His grandfather had just told him about Yadris' backgrou

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