Chapter 472

Ken's hand had cost three billion dollars. Of course, he needed to take care of it. "It's recovering well, I've regained mobility in it... When can I remove the bandages?" Ken slowly raised his arm. He could already feel the terrifying power contained in his right hand. With this strength, he was confident in challenging stage eight or nine grandmasters. Nash used his Third Eye and took a look at Ken's arm. The sutured wound had not fully healed yet, and there were signs of infection around it. "The wound's infected... After dinner, we'll go to Royal Bay, and I'll help you take care of it!" "Alright. Thank you, Mr. Nash!" Ken thanked him respectfully. It did not bother him if his hand looked ugly. He only cared if it stayed strong. When his strength improved, he believed that Mr. Nash would undoubtedly be impressed. At this time, Bradley and the others walked over. "Sir!" "Mr. Nash!" The group of people greeted Nash. "Is this your wife?" Br

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