Chapter 473

"To celebrate the successful completion of our mission this time, I suggest we all have a drink!" It had been a long time since Xeno drank, so now, he was starting to crave it. However, he was embarrassed to drink alone when there were so many people present. Bradley chimed in, "Yes, yes, that's right... We should have a drink!" After filling the glasses with wine, everyone stood up and clinked their glasses. Bradley smiled and said, "Everyone has worked hard... Let's drink to it!" "Cheers!" Everyone clinked their glasses and downed the contents in one gulp. Hera did not know what they were celebrating, so she just raised her glass to join in. Derek and Nico were already feasting on the food without a care in the world. Xeno and Finn were also drinking and chatting. Bradley informed Nash that they had successfully sold the batch of goods for four billion dollars. "According to the Tomb Whisperer Lineage's rules, 80% goes to you, and the remaining 20% will b

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