Chapter 474

When everyone heard that the goods were worth nine billion but were sold for four billion instead, they could not help but feel heartbroken. Xeno was puzzled. "Old Perry, your appraisal skills are on the same par as the Hamilts, right? Why don't you open your own antique store to sell the goods yourself? "Even if you put those goods up for auction in an auction house, you'd earn more than wholesaling them to the Hamilts!" He could not believe that everyone was treating money like dirt like Mr. Nash. Bradley picked up his wine glass, took a sip, and explained with a smile, "Every industry has its mix of good and bad. If a large number of antiques from the same dynasty floods the antique market, it'd be easy for someone with ill intentions to report it to the authorities. "Then when they investigate, it'd be a piece of cake for them. The Hamilts have been in this business for decades. They have wide connections and networks. Those of us in this line of work just want peace o

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