Chapter 475

The computer screen was projected onto a huge monitor behind him so that everyone could see it. The tomb of the King of Medicine was a tomb from the Saer Dynasty. Their undercover researchers who were lurking in society managed to learn from information from the nine major raider families. Everyone present looked worried as they were worried that the tomb of the King of Medicine had already been robbed by the nine major raider families. The doorbell rang from outside the door. The deputy dean raised his head and said, "Please come in!" The conference room's door was pushed open. A white-haired old man wearing a pair of reading glasses walked in. Beside him was Tristan, the head of the Special Security Department. "Mr. Campbell!" "Professor Stone!" The deputy dean and the group of professors stood up to greet them. Yoseph smiled and said, "Mr. Campbell has sent three teams to the Nine Absolute Mountain Range to clear out the tomb-robbing groups... So, we don'

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