Chapter 477

Several paramedics dashed toward the scene with a stretcher. Angelica shouted, “Doctor… We have an injured man here…” To ensure suspects did not die wrongful deaths because they were left to bleed out, priorities were always shifted to ensuring they received medical attention once they got injured. A doctor and a paramedic hurried over, and they hoisted the man onto the stretcher. Once the man was placed on the stretcher, he began foaming at the mouth while his body spasmed uncontrollably. The doctor frowned and pushed the man’s eyelids open. His pupils were dilated, and his vision had gone slack. “He committed suicide by consuming poison!” “Can he be saved?” Angelica asked, her eyebrows knitting themselves together closely. “The poison he consumed is potent. He’ll be dead any minute now. We won’t get to the hospital to have his stomach pumped in time!” The doctor sighed. Jupiter had caught up to them. Angelica looked at him. “He killed himself…” Jupiter had also

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