Chapter 478

Since that chip was the only clue they had, Nash treated it with utmost care. Jupiter retrieved a small ziplock bag and placed the memory chip in it before handing it over to Nash. “I’ll look into the murderer tonight and meet you at Baroque Group tomorrow morning!” “Alright. Thanks for all the hard work!” Nash ended the conversation on a polite note. The two got into their respective cars and drove away after that. By the time Nash returned to Royal Bay, Hera was already fast asleep. He crept under the covers after washing up. “Mm… Nash…” Hera called his name sleepily. Nash felt his desire rising when he heard her soft voice. Nash drew in a deep breath and forced himself to suppress his urges. He lay down in bed and closed his eyes. Hera turned around. Her pink pajama sleeve had ridden up, exposing her arms. Her arm was fair and smooth, and it landed on Nash’s neck. Nash immediately felt his mouth go dry. He carefully moved Hera’s arm aside. Then, Hera pla

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