Chapter 480

He panted heavily. His body was soaked with sweat. When he turned to look at his bedside table, he realized the brass cauldron that was there previously had vanished. After massaging the space between his eyebrows, he could sense the cauldron’s presence in his mind. If he put his will to it, the cauldron would appear from between his eyebrows. Then, it would slowly transform from being a mere illusion into becoming an actual object. He willed the Divine Cauldron to become larger. A loud boom rang out as the Divine Cauldron expanded to become a one-foot-wide cauldron. Since it was made from brass, it would not attract anyone’s attention no matter where it was placed. In fact, others would probably treat it as a piece of scrap metal. However, this was, without a doubt, one of the earliest divine instruments that had been passed down among generations—the Divine Cauldron. Summoning the Divine Cauldron had used up practically all of his true energy. Nash would need to a

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