Chapter 481

Lauren put down her phone and picked up a plastic bag. She called out to her secretary, “Red, take the chip to the tech department!” “Sure thing, Ms. Mare!” The secretary stepped forward quickly, took the plastic bag, and left in a hurry. Hera poured a cup of water for Nash before sitting down next to him. Jupiter and Angelica stopped their conversation, took out a few documents from nearby folders, and handed them to Nash. “We’ve already found the identity information of the suspect from last night... "He used to be associated with the Green Bamboo Association before he turned 20, and then he worked as a mercenary overseas for a few years before returning to the country three years ago. He had been following Kai... until Kai was sanctioned by the Watasons and disappeared.” Angelica stared at Nash with deep intensity and said, “So, we suspect that the mastermind behind this may be Kai!” Nash casually lifted his tea cup and took a sip. Kai Watson! He had ruled out this person,

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