Chapter 482

Over at Nash’s side, Jupiter decided to summon Kai for interrogation at the station. Angelica expressed her concerns, “Isn’t Kai Walter Watson’s grandson? Is it appropriate to just take him in like that?” Jupiter replied indifferently, “Even the emperor is subject to the same laws as the common people. It doesn’t matter that he’s Walter’s grandson. Even if he was the governor’s grandson, we'd still interrogate him as necessary…” Angelica fell silent. It was not that she feared power. It was because Walter was connected to several charity foundations and political consultative conferences. Offending Walter could make things difficult for her and Chief Holt, especially since a few words from Walter to Chief Zink could ruin their future. Nash noticed Angelica’s apprehension and said with a smile, “Let’s wait until the chip is fixed. Right now, it’s just our speculation. It’s indeed not good to arrest someone without sufficient evidence.” Jupiter corrected him, “It’s not an arrest,

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