Chapter 484

Clarke seemed amused. The net profit from this order could reach as high as 30 million. Baroque had sent him countless emails to secure this order. He requested to meet with Baroque’s top management, and Harrison even claimed he would personally receive him. Just now, Lauren called to apologize, saying that there was an urgent matter she needed to attend to and that her daughter would be handling his visit. He had heard about Harrison’s daughter, who was said to be a stunning beauty. Thus, he had agreed without thinking twice. He thought that he might have a chance to charm this beauty. However, things took an unpleasant turn shortly after their meeting. Now, he did not even want to cooperate anymore unless Hera showed utmost sincerity. The atmosphere in the conference room was tense. The secretary quickly approached and tried to persuade them, “Mr. Camp, Ms. Lewis, please calm down and have a seat. Let’s talk this through slowly.” She pulled Hera to a chair on the side and

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