Chapter 485

“I can’t hold it in anymore!” Hera leaned on Nash’s shoulder, bursting into laughter. Such a juicy piece of gossip being revealed was indeed sensational news! Caught up in her laughter, Hera nearly fell off her chair. Nash was quick to react and steadied her by the arm. “Pfft…” The secretary at the side could not help but let out a chuckle as well. The faces of Clarke’s two followers had darkened to the extreme, and Clarke himself was seething. His eyes were bloodshot with rage. “Bastards, all of you are asking for it…” With that, he kicked the leg of the broken conference table. The table leg spun toward Hera. Then, Nash flicked a piece of wood chip with his finger, and the table leg exploded into dust. The wood dust grazed Clarke’s face, leaving bloody scratches across his handsome features. Clarke’s display of shattering the table earlier had shown his strength at stage five of the Energy Cultivation Realm. Nash had not intervened because Hera seemed very happy at the

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