Chapter 486

She saw with her own eyes that Nash had even dared to hit Kai Watson. Clarke might be the vice president of Innovate Collective, but compared to Kai, he was nothing significant. Nash said with a smile, “The more you pay attention to such trash, the more spirited they become... He suffered a loss today and could only find satisfaction in his words.” Hera pouted. “But the insults he hurled at you were really nasty!” Nash laughed off the comment. “I didn’t actually get hurt from his insults, did I? I even managed to hurt his face. He’s the one who lost.” Hera thought of what Nash had said to ridicule Clarke just now and grinned. “You’re pretty good with your words, aren’t you? It’s my first time seeing you like that. He was quite upset just now!” Nash chuckled meaningfully. “My mouth’s much more capable of something other than talking. Do you want to try it out tonight?” “Why not now?” Hera looked at Nash’s slender lips and pressed her own against them directly. The group of secu

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