Chapter 488

A group of people swaggered into the Long Lake Industrial Zone. Inside the Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals’ factory hall, located in the seventh unit, the office had already been seized by David’s men. Just after making the call, Yasmin was discovered. A young man with dyed blonde hair snatched Yasmin’s phone and backhanded her across the face. “Stupid woman, you had another phone? Did you call the police?” After taking control of the office, he had confiscated Yasmin’s phone. She had managed to make another call when he went to the bathroom. Yasmin’s delicate face instantly swelled red. Her lips split open, and blood flowed freely. Holding her face, tears fell, but she remained silent. She only stared at Canary with resentment. “What are you staring at? Keep staring and I’ll have my way with you…” Canary was flipping through the chat history while threatening her menacingly. The most recent call log was marked as 'NC'. Canary asked coldly, “Who’s this NC?” Yasmin gritte

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