Chapter 489

“Quickly, close the door!” The underlings outside immediately moved to shut the door. Canary’s face once again broke into a smile, and he leaned in to kiss Yasmin once more. “Wait…” Yasmin blocked Canary’s mouth again. Canary grew somewhat impatient, saying, “What now? My patience has its limits…” Yasmin said softly, “This place... isn't very convenient... Let’s... Let’s go somewhere else.” “What a waste of time!” With a rip, Canary tore Yasmin’s shirt apart. The sight of her fair skin made Canary’s mouth go dry. “So supple…” Laughing, Canary was about to remove Yasmin’s last piece of intimate clothing. Desperate, Yasmin took advantage of Canary’s unguarded moment and kneed him sharply in the groin. “Ow…” Canary immediately collapsed on the ground, howling in pain. Yasmin grabbed an ashtray from the coffee table and smashed it hard on Canary’s head. “Agh… Ouch… How... dare… you…hit me…” Wounded in the groin, Canary was experiencing excruciating pain. He had no strength

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