Chapter 490

Finn regained his composure and gently placed Yasmin on the ground, his face flushing red. He quickly explained, “Melody took us to Cloud Peak Palace Hotel for a visit. Then, we received a call from Mr. Nash and heard that there was trouble here, so I rushed over immediately!” At this moment, Melody arrived with Derek, Ken, and Heidi in tow. Derek was seething with anger as he rushed forward. “Those bastards... They’re asking for it!” As he ran, he took off the brand-new suit jacket he had just bought. When he came to Yasmin’s side, he quickly wrapped his sister’s body with the jacket. Then, he picked up a broken piece of brick and headed upstairs. “Ken... you go up too and protect Derek!” Finn quickly instructed Ken, who nodded and followed Derek closely. Finn continued to watch Yasmin, whose face was now crimson. He suddenly felt an urge to start dating her. “Yasmin... are you okay?” Heidi rushed over, her voice filled with concern. Yasmin shook her head. “I’m okay.” Fi

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