Chapter 492

Finn and Derek followed Yasmin's finger to the figure lying in a pool of blood. They both wore expressions of disbelief as if they had not noticed the person on the ground before. Canary, covered in blood, lay motionless on the ground like a lifeless corpse. "My goodness. Are you really still my gentle and fragile sister?" Derek was wide-eyed and tongue-tied. His sister was usually timid and would get scared even at minor troubles. Yet today, she had beaten up someone so badly. How did she manage to do that to a fully-abled man? Finn's throat moved as he gulped. Was… Was Yasmin really that fierce? He had been thinking of marrying her, but would he just get beaten up every day if he were to bring her home? Nash noticed that Canary was still alive and decided not to deal with him. Instead, he dragged David out from behind the sofa. Curled up on the ground, David gritted his teeth and said, "If you have the guts, just kill me.” Nash stepped on David's hand, and the forceful stomp cru

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