Chapter 493

The endless fear in David had made him numb to the pain of his crushed fingers. Just as he said what he did, a cold feminine voice came from outside the door. "Do you know that the Long Lake Industrial Zone has been sold to me?" Following the voice, Sydney and Queenie arrived with around 30 people. Among them, there were seven grandmasters and two great-grandmasters. They had just come from school and were still in their school uniforms. David's pupils constricted sharply. He was one of the prominent figures in Jonford, so, of course, he recognized the sons and daughters of the city's top five wealthiest families. Queenie was the heiress to the richest family, and Sydney was from the Zell family. Then, there was Xeno from the Dragon Tiger Gate, and of course, Nash. Had he poked a hornet's nest today? "You're from the Black Tiger Hall, right?" Sydney said with great authority. "Tell your gang leader to come here." David shivered and stammered, "Ms. Zell, we know we were wrong."

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