Chapter 494

Black Tiger let out a bitter laugh. "You want me to offend both the Zell and Watson families?" The old man was a stage three grandmaster named Carson whom Black Tiger had spent three billion to recruit from Carrion Mountain. Although they had not known each other for long, Carson had displayed both strength and wisdom, earning Black Tiger's trust. Besides his right-hand man, David, Carson was the only one he would listen to. Carson narrowed his eyes and said, "If it were just some trivial matter, those from the Zell and Watson families wouldn't dare provoke us so easily. After all, they know better than anyone that we have nothing to lose. "However, detaining David and inviting you over means the situation is very serious." Black Tiger was still a little hesitant. While both families were indeed a headache for him, they were the dominant forces in Jonford's business world and held significant political power. If he offended just one of them, there might be a chance for reconci

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