Chapter 495

As grandmasters reached the higher stages, even small advancements meant significant differences in their abilities. Although Nash's current level was boosted by pills, he had no problems dealing with martial artists below the Profound Reality Realm. Nash thought for a moment and said, "If the Black Tiger Hall had a stage nine grandmaster, they would've already dominated the situation." Finn chuckled and reassured them, "Alright, go and have your meal. We'll handle things here." Yasmin and her group had no idea about what would happen next, but they were certain it was not some small issue. Otherwise, Nash would not be leaving Finn and Ken, who were powerful individuals, behind. "Be careful, Finn," she said softly. Her soft voice was like a caress on Finn's heart. He nodded, smiling warmly. "Don't worry, Yasmin. I'll be just fine." Nash led the group outside. Derek gave Canary a final kick to the groin as they passed by him after having tried to bully his sister. Canary grunted,

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