Chapter 496

The guard was a grandmaster. To scare a grandmaster like this meant that the Black Tiger Hall had arrived. Panting, Old Holt ran over and said, "They've come. They're all here!" There were nearly a hundred cars outside. For most of his life, the man had only ever seen a scene like this during his son's participation in the city-wide security inspection operation. Nash sighed helplessly. "In that case, let's wait for Finn and the others to arrive." After saying this, he turned to Sydney and said, "Notify the other factory heads that they should stay away." Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Sydney took out her phone and tagged all members in the chat group. Xeno went to the window, opened the curtain, and snuck a peak, only to see that a large truck had crashed through the electronic gate. Following that were dozens of vans and cars. Among them, the brand new Bentley was particularly eye-catching. Witnessing such a large commotion outside, the workers panicked and r

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