Chapter 499

Carson was shocked. What kind of creature's hand was this? His dagger was forged from Olympian Iron, capable of slicing rock like it was butter. Yet, it was ineffective against the hand. On the third floor office, Derek, Heidi, Queenie, and Yasmin were occupying the entire window while Nash, Melody, and Xeno were squeezed to the side. The latter group had no interest in the situation below, however. Melody poured a cup of hot water for Nash and asked, "How much longer until their people arrive?" Nash took the cup and looked at Xeno. Xeno checked the time. "They should be here soon. My people should be arriving shortly!" By the window, Heidi bit her finger and asked, "Is Finn injured?" At this moment, Finn was surrounded by a dozen or so people who were wielding baseball bats. He appeared as if he were drunk, swaying from side to side. He dodged but did not attack. In theory, someone of his caliber could easily defeat these people with just a few punches and kicks. Derek leaned

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