Chapter 500

Nash’s eyes narrowed as he muttered to himself, "The Five Poisonous Pines is an exclusive secret recipe of the Cloud Ascendant Palace in Carrion Mountain. How did it get all the way here?" Nash cast a sidelong glance at Carson. Could he be affiliated with the Cloud Ascendant Palace in Carrion Mountain? The Cloud Ascendant Palace was an existence that even his master would not easily provoke. His master had warned him that if he ever broke through to the Profound Oriental Realm one day and gained a new understanding of the world, he still must not step into the Cloud Ascendant Palace lightly. His master speculated that the Cloud Ascendant Palace might harbor a top-tier cultivator capable of evading heavenly tribulations. Nash was currently only at the Profound Reality Realm, and the ethereal Profound Oriental Realm seemed like an unreachable goal. He never expected to encounter someone from Carrion Mountain so soon, and that person seemed to be an enemy rather than a friend. Unab

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