Chapter 501

When Nash saw that the tip of Luther's sword was about to pierce Melody in the heart, he quickly put Finn, whose chest was covered in golden needles, down. He appeared next to Melody in a flash, grabbed her shoulders, and swung her back. Melody flew backward, landed on her feet, and staggered before she could steady herself. Carson's eyes widened in disbelief. When his martial brother attacked Melody, he was sure that she would be as dead as a doornail. However, he was surprised that someone had rescued her in that tenth of a second. What shocked Carson even more than that was Nash had clamped his martial brother's sword between his fingers. He began to think to himself. 'How... How is this possible? Luther is in the Profound Reality Realm! Could it be that... this bastard is also in the Profound Reality Realm? 'But even if he is, it'd be impossible for him to catch Luther's sword so easily!' Luther was shocked as well. He guessed based on Nash's speed and ab

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