Chapter 502

Nash's second slap completely bewildered Luther. The sword energy around him disintegrated. His true energy surged uncontrollably, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Nash's attack was too fast. Even with his Profound Reality Realm strength, Luther could not follow it. Nash slapped him again. A few of Luther's teeth fell out. Nash continued to slap Luther. Luther's face was twisted from the blows. He wanted to fight back but realized that the true energy in him was imprisoned by some kind of force. Nash grabbed Luther by the collar with his left hand and slapped him repeatedly with his right hand. Carson watched dumbfoundedly and muttered, "Fight back... Why aren't you fighting back, Luther?" He wanted to go up and help him. However, he knew that Nash's strength was in the Profound Reality Realm and it was several times stronger than the woman from earlier. If he stepped in, it would simply be suicide. Black Tiger's face turned pale. "Drive... Sta

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