Chapter 503

Carson was forced onto his knees by Nash's energy. He cried in a panic, "Sir, the Five Poisonous Pines is an enigmatic poison. We really don't have an antidote for it!" Melody chimed in, "He doesn't seem to be lying... Can you do anything for Finn's poison?" Nash shook his head. "It's going to be tricky!" The poison from the Five Poisonous Pines had spread throughout Finn's body. The poison could fuse with blood cells, causing a person's whole body to fester. They would die within three days. Nash had used his Divine Needles to temporarily protect Finn's organs and brain. The only way to save Finn was to refine a medicinal pill. He could refine medicinal pills with the Divine Cauldron. However, he could not control the Divine Cauldron with his current strength, and he had never practiced refining medicinal pills either. Sighing, Nash turned to walk toward Finn. Melody asked, "What should we do about these two?" Nash blankly replied, "Eradicate their cultivati

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