Chapter 504

Salvatore heard that and smiled. "I was joking, Mr. Hun! I was just asking for fun. Mr. Nash has worked so hard, so how could he not get any profit, right?" Salvatore knew that trying to split Nash's money was like trying to pull a tooth out of a tiger. He did not want to be the next Black Tiger Hall. Under Salvatore and Xeno's leadership, some of the people from Black Tiger Hall went to a freight company and the others went to Dragon Tiger Gate. … In the HR department of Universal Group, Jennifer sat in her office chair and was talking to Fabian on the phone. She sat straight and upright when talking to this formidable man. On the other end of the phone, Fabian asked solemnly, "Is he not here yet?" Jennifer nodded. "Yes, I've canceled all my meetings today to wait for him!" Fabian was silent for a moment before saying, "Don't worry, he'll show up when it's time!" Jennifer asked, "Then what position should we assign him?" "Is the business department short of peopl

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