Chapter 506

At one of the mansions in Royal Bay. Everyone except Xeno was present. Finn lay on a single bed. A thin blanket was placed over him. His right cheek was the one that had gotten slashed by the poisonous arrow, and it had swelled up. The wound was infected and filled with pus. Tears welled in Yasmin’s eyes. “Can… Can Finn be saved?” The image of Finn catching her was still fresh in her mind. Finn had gotten in danger because he was trying to protect the industrial zone. Derek said comfortingly, “Nash is here. Finn will be alright!” Melody said angrily, “I never imagined these distinguished factions to be so evil as well!” After all, Carrion Mountain was supposed to be a sacred space. Who would have thought it housed such insidious and cunning disciples? Not only had they attacked without any forewarning, but they had also lathered their arrows with poison! Her respect for Carrion Mountain had reduced greatly. Nash stroked his chin and said, “They might hail from Ca

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