Chapter 507

Nash placed all the herbs he had taken with him from the tomb of the King of Medicine on the floor. There were nearly 300 herbs here. Any one of them could be sold for millions if not tens of millions of dollars. The Five Poisonous Pines required at least a level three antidote to work against its toxins. His master had just barely mastered the art of preparing level five antidotes. Nash had tried using his master’s cauldron to prepare a level one antidote before he descended the mountains. Now, since he had the help of the Divine Cauldron, he wondered if he could successfully prepare a level three antidote. Before this, though, he had to practice preparing normal antidotes that replenished true energy. If he used up all his true energy, not only would he fail to prepare the antidote, but his life might be endangered as well. Nash selected a handful of herbs. These were all herbs used in preparing the elixir of immortality and were also used to supplement the prepar

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