Chapter 508

“You beat up Hunter Hill?” Lauren sounded surprised. Hera had indeed not shared this information with her. She had even wondered why Hunter had needed to be hospitalized for such a long time. “In that case, it’s highly likely the Hill family is also the mastermind behind the fire at Baroque Group’s factory! “I’ll pass this tip over to Chief Holt. He might be able to gain some useful information from it!” Lauren immediately hung up the phone and phoned Jupiter. Once Jupiter took down Lauren’s tip, he and Angelica immediately began conducting a stealthy investigation into Innovate Collective and the Hill family. News that Xeno and Salvatore had divided the land belonging to the Black Tiger Hall between them spread like wildfire. The business and political circles in Jonford were in turmoil. Henderson grabbed his thermos and walked into Jade’s office. The minute he opened the door, he said impatiently, “Townsend… thoughts on what’s going on with the Black Tiger Hall?” He

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