Chapter 509

“Do you have any money? Loan me some!” Kai lowered his head as he spoke in a hoarse voice. “How much do you need?” “How much do you have?” “Grandpa just transferred me 50 million dollars to run Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals!” “Loan me 30 million bucks!” Queenie had already gotten in trouble because of him. Yet, he was still asking her for money. However, he did not know anyone else other than her who would help him. Queenie hesitated for a moment before she gave Kai her bank card. “Here, take the 50 million dollars and use it…” Kai looked up at her. His face revealed just how much suffering he had experienced. “Aren’t you going to save some for yourself?” Queenie answered, “Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals is not officially in business yet. I don’t need this 50 million dollars just yet!” Kai embraced Queenie as he said chokingly, “Thank you…” Queenie patted Kai on the back as she said softly, “Kai… I think you should stop holding a grudge against Grandpa. Nash

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