Chapter 510

His initial plan had been to use the 50 million dollars in tiding Helena’s company over. Now, it looked like there was no need for that! When Helena saw Kai packing his bags, she paused and asked calmly, “Are you breaking up with me?” Kai remained silent. Helena said mockingly, “I’d like to see how you’re going to survive without me. You’d better not come begging me to take you back!” She slammed the door behind her as she left. “Ah…” Kai’s heart felt like it was being stabbed as he balled his clothes together before shoving them into his suitcase. In the end, he decided to break up with her. He took his bags and left the apartment he had been staying in with Helena for the past month. As he entered the elevator, he received a phone call. It was from Greenhorn, one of the ten fighters who used to work for him. After his fall from grace, these Energy Cultivation Realm fighters had all left him. Some had left the country, while others decided to work for other fam

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