Chapter 511

Kai’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably, and he felt a sudden sense of panic. A large truck came speeding by, honking wildly. With a screech, the truck managed to hit the brakes just in time. However, it still sent the taxi flying several dozen meters away. With a crash, the taxi crashed into another moving taxi. “Fuck…” Nash, sitting in the passenger seat, forcefully opened the door and rushed out. The taxi had been thrown several dozen meters away. The driver’s face had turned pale, and he was thumping his chest in a state of shock. “Holy cow, I should’ve checked my horoscope before leaving the house today!” Then, he looked at Nash and asked, “You’re amazing, Mister! Are you a martial artist?” Nash was still hesitating whether to go and help the people involved in the accident. Crafting the Five Organs Rejuvenation Pill would take some time. The longer he waited, the slimmer the chances of saving Finn. After a moment of hesitation, Nash decided to go buy the medicine first.

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