Chapter 517

The blazing sunstones emitted a faint red glow. “He... He…He…” Casey stuttered as he looked at his own daughter. Mireille nodded gently. “Indeed, it’s the Seven Star Needle Technique.” Casey’s lips quivered. “T-This can’t be possible!” His father had only learned a little about it. How could this guy possibly perform the complete Seven Star Needle Technique? Mireille pursed her lips and said softly, “It’s because he’s Grandpa’s grandmaster.” She was surprised to find that her grandpa’s grandmaster was so young. What should she call him, then? His daughter’s calm words were like thunder, causing Casey to step back repeatedly. This… This young man in his 20s was actually his father’s grandmaster? Mireille turned to her father and said, “I’m just guessing too!” Casey shook his head, his voice trembling. “It’s impossible... He can't possibly be my father’s grandmaster. He’s too young, and they don’t even belong in the same generation.” His father’s master was Thomas King, so i

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