Chapter 518

Casey lowered his head slowly, not daring to say a word. His face went pale. The aura this young man exuded was several times stronger than what his father had imposed on him. This young man was his father’s grandmaster, the junior martial brother of Thomas King. He was the apprentice of Master Calcraft of Tili Mountain, a figure who was almost deified. “Grandmaster, please calm down... I’ll deal with my son properly when I get back," Brian said with a forced smile. Nash hung up the phone and continued to administer dry-needling to the young patient. “Great-grandmaster, I’ll take my leave for now!” Casey said, putting his hands on his chest and lowering his stature before carrying his medicine box and leaving the clinic. It was not until he stepped out of the clinic that he let out a long sigh of relief. He felt significantly lighter. He had heard his father mention his grandmaster before, but he had never dared to inquire further or investigate someone of this caliber. Toda

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