Chapter 519

Walter also turned to look, then asked, “What about the surveillance footage at the scene?” George responded, “That’s the second thing I found suspicious. The traffic camera at that intersection happened to malfunction, and the traffic department couldn’t determine when it went out of order.” A chill flashed in Walter’s eyes. “Continue investigating... We must find the culprit!” George nodded and then left with his bodyguards. Helena walked over like a zombie, her face pale as she stared at the red light outside the emergency room. She seemed to have lost her soul. With trembling lips, she said, “H-How could this happen? He was fine when I left... How could he suddenly get into a car accident?!” As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes. Just then, the door to the emergency room opened. Mr. Dean removed his mask and said, “Mr. Watson... your grandson has lost a significant amount of blood. I’m afraid…” “Give him a blood transfusion! Doesn’t the hospital have any blood?” Walter

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