Chapter 520

In consideration of Kai’s well-being, Walter decided to call Nash. In the blood donation room, a young nurse was drawing blood from Helena. Following the director’s instructions, she was only allowed to draw 200cc. Just as the nurse was about to remove the needle, Helena suddenly pressed a concealed self-defense dagger against the nurse’s neck and said coldly, “Continue drawing…” The young nurse turned pale with fear. “Miss... The director said only 200cc…” With a bit of pressure from Helena’s hand, the sharp blade of the dagger immediately grazed the nurse’s fair neck. “I said, continue…” Helena believed that only her blood could save Kai. Even if there was only a one-in-a-million chance, she did not want to miss it. The nurse was so scared that she almost cried. She had no choice but to reopen the blood flow control. By the time they had drawn 400cc, Helena felt weak all over, and her vision darkened. The young nurse immediately turned off the flow. Helena gritted her teet

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