Chapter 521

Hera raised a brow. "Speak up, or I might just hang up!" "H-Hera, my sister," Helena’s weak voice sounded from the other end of the phone. Hera was taken aback by Helena calling her sister, but she could also tell that her voice was very weak. Brows furrowed, she asked, "What's wrong?” "Kai… Kai is dying... Can you please ask Nash to save him?" Helena's voice was choked with sobs as tears streamed down her face. "Nash isn't here, and even if he were, he wouldn’t save him. Have you no conscience about the things you guys have done?" Hera remarked coldly. "Hera... Please, I'm begging you..." Helena's voice became even weaker, as if she was struggling to breathe. Hera was puzzled and asked, "What's happening to you?" There was a clatter. It sounded like the phone had dropped to the floor. "Oh, why did you take off the oxygen mask?" A nurse who had been checking the ward rushed in and quickly placed the oxygen mask back on Helena's face. She then saw the phone on the floor. Upon p

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