Chapter 523

The middle-aged man felt even more remorseful and smacked himself hard in the face. "I'm really despicable. I spoke to you so rudely earlier." ... In the People's Hospital, Hera parked her car in the parking lot and hurriedly got out. With a bang, the car door hit someone. Hera's expression changed, and she quickly got out of the car to apologize, "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you. Are you okay?" Meanwhile, Lauren chided in an annoyed tone, "How careless!" After they all got out of the car, they realized that the person who had been hit by the car door was none other than Duncan, the current head of the Duerson family. He was wearing a white suit and black-framed glasses. He was accompanied by four bodyguards. "Miss Lewis, it's not your fault. I was standing too close to the car door and didn't maintain a safe distance," Duncan said in a gentlemanly manner. Hera did not have a good impression of Duncan. He was one of the people who had followed Kai previously and targeted Nash.

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