Chapter 524

"600cc doesn't sound like a lot… I usually donate about the same amount of blood," Helena whispered. "But she has anemia, so drawing 600cc of blood can be life-threatening. "I really admire this young lady, though. She's unafraid of death and willing to give everything for her beloved man. I'm sure her boyfriend must love her very much." The young nurse's eyes sparkled with admiration. She had assumed the couple to have a deep and loving relationship. If she had a boyfriend who loved her so much, she would be willing to give everything to him as well. Hera looked at Helena with disbelief. In her mind, Helena was simply with Kai for the money. When Kai fell from grace, she assumed Helena was waiting for Walter to lift the sanctions on him. She never expected Helena to take such a big risk to save Kai. "Helena..." A hoarse voice sounded from the door. Hera turned to see Hubert, disheveled and haggard. He was wearing a large overcoat and appeared somewhat disoriented. "Helena, my d

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