Chapter 527

It had been an excruciating hour for those waiting outside. After putting on a facade, Sydney and Olivia finally found excuses to leave. Meanwhile, Duncan had suddenly received a call from one of his subordinates. He walked some distance away to answer it. "Boss, the person sent to retrieve the mobile phone from the scene has been taken away by Walter's people!" A gloomy voice came from the other end of the phone. Duncan pushed his glasses and calmly said, "Deal with it immediately." "Iron Kick George broke through and became a stage seven great-grandmaster six days ago!" "Stage seven?" Duncan clenched his fist before replying calmly, "Please ask Boris to take action!" After ending the call, Duncan returned to the vicinity of the ICU while wearing an expression of deep concern. Hubert was apologizing profusely and admitting to his mistakes while holding onto Harrison’s hand. "Harrison, as your big brother, it was my fault in the past. You must forgive me! Brother, let's leave t

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