Chapter 528

Nash gently combed his fingers through Hera’s fragrant hair and grinned. "How can he die with your husband’s intervention?” "But..." "I said that for Duncan to hear. I suspect he’s up to something. Kai's plight might also have something to do with him." Nash sat up, his expression serious. "No wonder he pretended to come and visit Kai!" Hera pondered for a bit before turning to Nash. "His objective for coming to the hospital was to confirm whether Kai had died, right?" Nash nodded slightly. "Close enough." Duncan was a cunning schemer. He was a deeply calculating person, which was why Nash decided, along with Mr. Dean and Dr. Tanner, to put on a show for him. Hera let out a sigh and looked at Nash's tired face with concern. "Are you tired? Do you need to take a break?" Nash shook his head with a smile. "Kai has only temporarily regained some of his vitality and is not completely out of danger yet. I still need to work a bit longer." Kai had multiple life-threatening injuries.

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