Chapter 530

Hera opened the trunk. The inspection team leader checked the trunk, but there was nothing inside. He closed the trunk and smiled, saying, "Thank you for your cooperation. You may go." Hera drove away, and Nash stroked his chin as he murmured, "Interesting..." Hera turned to him. "What's interesting?" Nash gave a faint smile and replied, "It's nothing. Let's hurry home." He was not sure if Duncan had arranged these inspections, but there was definitely an insider involved in the vehicle checks today. Nash's phone rang again, and it was a call from Walter. "Mr. Calcraft, when the accident happened, the taxi driver had two cell phones. One of them was taken by someone. George caught the person who took the phone, but a powerful individual showed up and killed everyone. George barely escaped and has severe injuries." "Isn't George a stage seven great-grandmaster? He was severely injured as well?" Nash sounded surprised. "George ascended and became a stage seven great-grandmaster t

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