Chapter 531

"Also, in order to save Kai, Helena forced the nurse to draw 600cc of her blood. She's anemic, yet she still got the nurse to draw 600cc of her blood. It's like she doesn't value her life at all. Honestly, I was moved by her!" Hera's eyes welled up slightly. Nash smiled and teasingly asked, "So, if one day, I'm near death and your blood can save me, would you be willing to donate—" "I would," Hera immediately cut Nash off with her own reply. She then looked ahead, expression solemn as she said, "I'd use all my blood to save you!" A warm feeling passed through Nash's heart. "That day will never come. I'm too strong." Hera nodded firmly. "Yes, there won't be a day like that. We'll grow old together!" Half an hour later, the two returned to their villa at Royal Bay. In the living room, dressed in a white coat, Mireille was sipping tea. Upon seeing Nash return, she immediately put down the teacup and stood up. "Grandmaster, you're back!" She glanced at Nash's side and saw Hera. She w

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