Chapter 535

Sydney was getting desperate and almost on the verge of tears. "Grandpa Murphy, Nash is really powerful. You might not be his match!" She did not want to see her family clash with Nash. If they angered him, the Zell family might end up like the Lane family, in ruins. Dylan remained unfazed and smiled. "It's alright. Just let him come." With his current position at the peak of the Profound Reality Realm, there were very few opponents in Drakonia who could challenge him. He had no fear now that he was in a second-tier city like Jonford. Sydney wanted to say more, but she was silenced by the cold, stern gaze of her grandfather. Helpless, she hurried back to her room and dialed Nash's number. "Nash, my grandfather refused!" Nash replied calmly, "In that case, I'll come to take it myself." "Maybe you shouldn't come today. We have a guest from the National Martial Bureau over," Sydney urged. "Whoever tries to stop me shall die," Nash stated firmly before immediately ending the call.

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