Chapter 536

The man who had been speaking to Melody immediately clapped a hand against her mouth. True energy trickled through Melody’s body. However, she did not strike. She would end up exposing herself if she made a move. Thankfully, the security guards stationed outside heard what was going on and rushed in with batons in hand. “Damn it!” “No. 3… Move!” The man shoved Melody aside and scampered off, leaving his companions behind. Another man pulled the refrigerator door open, and he shuddered when he saw what Kai’s face looked like. One of the guards tased him. The man the others addressed as No. 3 fell to the ground and spasmed. “Fucking hell… How dare you break into a mortuary? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get possessed or something?” The bodyguards dragged the man out of the room. Just then… The power went out. The emergency lights affixed to the walls turned on. Melody glanced at the surveillance cameras and realized the infrared lights on those had gone out as

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